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AMNews: Microsoft Sorry over Zune Promotion, Tesco Offers Free Wi-Fi, JayCut Bagged by RIM

PR can sometimes be a tough job and one which leaves feelings & scruples in the closet; how can one otherwise explain why Microsoft UK's public relations manage to anger the general public by using the death of controversial British singer Amy Winehouse to promote its own Zune service.

Hacker collective Anonymous has released a large bunch of top secret documents belonging to an Italian cyber policing agency. According to BBC News, the hackers have released 8GB worth of files, which they claim, were delivered to them by a ‘source’. The files belong to the Italian CNAIPIC (National Computer Crime Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection), which is responsible for protecting the country’s critical IT infrastructure.

Windows Images enable an easy and straight forward Windows 7 Desktop Deployment throughout the organisation with reduced efforts and streamlined approach. Windows Images come in two different formats. One is the Windows Imaging Format (.wim) format and the other is Virtual Hard Disk (.vhd) format.

Supermarket chain Tesco becomes the first of its kind super market that allows its customers to access Internet through their wireless connection. According to The Financial Times, Tesco, a famous chain of supermarket showrooms in the United Kingdom has installed wireless Internet connection in four of its stores to enable its customers stay connected while they shop.

Research in Motion has moved to acquire Sweden based video editing company JayCut to bring video editing capabilities to its Smartphone and tablet platform. According to a post made by the company’s chief technology officer David Yach, the acquisition will allow it to bring video editing and cloud based services to the BlackBerry platforms.

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