Anonymous Retaliates to Italian Arrests, Leaks Numerous Documents

Hacker collective Anonymous has released a large bunch of top secret documents belonging to an Italian cyber policing agency.

According to BBC News, the hackers have released 8GB worth of files, which they claim, were delivered to them by a ‘source’.

The files belong to the Italian CNAIPIC (National Computer Crime Centre for Critical Infrastructure Protection), which is responsible for protecting the country’s critical IT infrastructure.

“This is a pre-release of a series we are going to make to reveal the biggest in history of European LE cyber operation evidence exploitation and abuse. Thing's gonna get published and twittered all over anonymous and lulzsec community,” Anonymous said in a post.

The attack on the elite cybercrime unit is being seen as retaliation to the arrests of some Italian members of the notorious hacking group, which said that it had more documents with it, which will be released over time.

Anonymous claimed to have secret information on a number of government agencies like Egypt’s Ministry of Transport and Communication, Australia’s Ministry of Defence and of a number of private companies like Exxon Mobil, Gazprom operating in the US and Russia.