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Another 5th Of September Confirmation For iPhone 5 Launch

We received a note from a developer who works closely with Apple, who said that the next generation iPhone 5 will be launched just after the September holiday weekend in the US, which marks Labor Day, the most likely date hinted to be 5th of September.

Our source, who obviously wishes to remain anonymous and whom we trust, told us that the company "gave" a "strong hint" to the developer community back in June as to when the device would be released, and the fact that it will be a worldwide release means that in some countries like Asia and Australia, the launch might happen the following day, on the 6th.

That said, a Monday release for the iPhone would be slightly unconventional since Friday is usually when Apple releases its flagship products; but then it will also be the first time ever that the handset is released in autumn. Most releases have tended to happen either in June (most of the time), February or July.

Another technology website, BGR, has learnt that US mobile carrier AT&T has started to communicate launch plans internally for Apple's iPhone 5 with store managers, urging to finish employee training as soon as possible. You can read more about the glut of iPhone 5-related rumours and hearsay here.

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