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Apple's iPhone 4 Continues To Be Successful, Despite 'Stronger' Rivals

Just months before the release of Apple's iPhone 5, the iPhone 4 continues to enjoy major success, being expected to sell more units this year than last.

Total worldwide sales in 2011 are expected to exceed 50 million units, while last year's sales were around 40 million. Since Apple's next iPhone is expected to come this autumn, until then, there is no other option for customers who want an Apple smartphone.

What's the key to iPhone 4's continued success?

Quality may be the main reason for the staggering number of sales, but other factors have contributed as well. The Verizon deal allowed iPhone to add over 90 million potential costumers and the March release of the white iPhone 4 boosted iPhone sales worldwide.

Still, with no next generation iPhone yet on the market, Apple is seeing some serious competition from other smartphone makers for its one year old iPhone 4. Apple's smartphone is 3G capable, has 3.5-inch screen and just a single core processor, whilst newly released rival phones far exceed these specs.

Even in this highly competitive market, iPhone 4 continues to enjoy success; the user-friendly interface, the emphasis on software, compatibility with other Apple devices and the $200 price tag being its main pluses.

The iPhone 4 keeps attracting customers also thanks to its wide variety of applications, with more than 425,000 different apps to choose from.

However, if rival smartphones haven't succeeded in knocking the iPhone 4 down, the iPhone 5 probably will do. But this is something Apple can probably live with.

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