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Apple unleashes multiple post-Lion updates

In what looks like a sudden rush of post-Lion spring cleaning, Apple has outed a veritable cornucopia of minor updates to many of its core applications.

iTunes, iWeb, iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, and GarageBand all get tweaks of varying orders of magnitude as well as the Remote Desktop Client and HP's printer drivers.

Here are the details in no particular order - other than the one they appear in in the Software Update window above.

iWeb is bumped to version 3.0.4 updating overall stabilty and 'a number of minor issues'.

iTunes has now reached version 10.4 and has been tweaked to work with OSX Lion's fancy new full screen mode. It is also now a full 64-bit Cocoa application and comes with the usual security and stability improvements.

Apple is warning that, because the underlying code has been rewritten, some third party plug-ins may be broken, so check with the developer before making the plunge if they are something you can't live without.

iMovie 9.0.4 gets support for opening projects imported from the iOS version of the video editing package, fixes a problem where some audio adjustments were lost on saving a project and speeds up performance when working with large quantities of video clips with keywords, or large iPhoto libraries.

iPhoto 9.1.5 gets the standard compatibility, performance and stability updates alongside a number of minor bug fixes.

These include a tweak to the way dates and times are displayed, better scrolling when event titles are displayed, improved Ken Burns effect in some slide-shows, better implementation of deletion of web album files using the contextual menu and an issue where pics which had been cropped stayed cropped when using the 'revert to original' command.

GarageBand 6.0.4 gets the usual stuff plus a fix for the way GarageBand lessons are stored, better syncing for tempo-based effects and a problem with the way Magic GarageBand files open in the track view has been resolved.

Remote Desktop Client 3.5.1 gets nothing beyond the boring reliability, usability and compatibility stuff.

iDVD 7.1.2 gets the above plus improved reliability when importing iPhoto slide-shows, fixed file-linking and an issue where iDVD could hog your CPU's entire capacity when searching for a missing file has been removed.

HP Printer Software Update 2.6 does what it say on the tin.

Hit Software Update under the Apple menu for all, some or none of the above depending on what operating system you are running. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.