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AT&T Customers' Lawsuit Against Merger, What Prospects For T-Mobile iPhone 5?

The proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile has been beset by difficulties, and now, it seems that some AT&T customers are rising up by taking legal action to try and stop the merger between their carrier and T-Mobile.

However, all is not what it seems. The lawsuits have apparently been prompted by the law firm Bursor and Fisher, who are promising $10,000 to each customer by utilising an arbitration clause in their contracts, eweek reports.

The firm hopes to bring AT&T to arbitration by each customer demanding the merger be stopped; as AT&T would not accept the arbitration decision, the company would have to pay $10,000 to each customer. Bursor and Fisher has even ste up a 'Fight the Merger' website. AT&T is saying that the arbitration clause can not be used in this manner.

It seems its opponents don't want this merger to take place beacuase they fear that an eventual union between the two would diminish competition and lead to higher prices. Plus, if the two were to merge, then maybe Verizon and Sprint would team up as well, leaving the US with just two major carriers.

Neither of the carriers has spoken about how the iPhone will play into their planned merger. If a union between AT&T and T-Mobile does take place, with AT&T surely being one of the carriers to have the iPhone 5, a T-Mobile iPhone 5 would most likely be on the cards.

T-Mobile customers could get there hands on an iPhone even sooner if Apple and T-Mobile close a separate deal, assuming that the merger will finally go through.

Both T-Mobile and AT&T are going down the 4G avenue; whether Apple's iPhone 5 will also feature 4G, hasn't yet been made clear.

T-Mobile customers are yet to speak up against the proposed union with such formal opposition, perhaps they wouldn't mind the prospect of getting their hands on Apple's iPhone 5.

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