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AT&T Prepares Staff For iPhone 5 September Launch

After talk of a "future product transition" and reduced sales estimates for the next quarter pointing to an autumn iPhone 5 release, another report has arisen to back up this generally accepted interpretation.

BGR's Jonathan S Geller has recently reported that AT&T, Apple's longest carrier partner for the iPhone is getting ready for the iPhone 5 launch and has begun communicating internal plans for the next generation iPhone. It seems that AT&T employees and those working in retail locations, are currently undergoing training, and have been asked to complete that training as soon as possible.

Managers have also been asked to complete all training activities, so as to have as many available employees as possible, in order to cover the expected influx of customer traffic in September. It is also rumoured that Apple is looking to hire new people for its Apple Stores, for the new product launch coming in September and, apparently, even some former Apple employees have been asked to return to their jobs in retail stores as part-time staff between August 15th and September 15th.

If the rumours are indeed true, and they come from a "proven source" BGR assures us, Apple is expected to announce the next generation iPhone by the end of August, and the product launch in the first half of September.

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