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Did Apple's iPod Pave The Way For iPhone Success?

Apple is currently enjoying a major success, both in the tablet and the smartphone market, and doing pretty well even in the PC sector, as Mac computers are now selling better than ever.

But how did Apple become so successful?

Actually, the company's success is somehow due to the iPod line. From 2001 until 2005, Apple's quarterly earnings were more or less the same year by year, with only slight ups and downs. Around 2005, a major change took place and the company's sales simply exploded and Apple's profit went through the roof.

In that year Apple's iPod range was enjoying incredible success and popularity, with 22,497,000 iPods sold; the year that followed brought even larger sales, since Apple managed to sell 14,043,000 iPods in Q1 of 2006 alone.

2005 coincides with another change as well, as it was the year of release of the iPod nano, Apple's first full weight flash memory-based music player, a replacement for the iPod mini. Although the iPod line's popularity on the market began in 2001, with the release of the original iPod, it was the 2005 launch of the iPod nano that boosted Apple's sales and set new records.

The iPod line's success began to go down with the 2007 introduction of the iPhone, its needless to speak about its outstanding success.

Apple's marketing strategy sure is surprising, as the company has always succeeded in growing even by cannibalising its own products in favour of new ones.

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