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Fake Apple Store Situation Heats Up, Customers Demand Proof of Authenticity

Ever since the news of fake Apple stores in the Chinese city of Kunming, the regulators and authorities in China have intensified the crackdown on fake stores in the country.

As reported earlier, government of China has shut down two of the three illegal stores in the Southwestern region of the country that were found to be selling Apple products under fake Apple stores.

The authorities have informed that two shops have been shut down but the shop highlighted by BirdAbroad blog last week has already applied for a reseller’s license, therefore it could not be closed.

“Some overseas media has made it appear the stores sold fake Apple products. China has taken great steps to enforce intellectual property rights and the stores weren’t selling fake products.” the spokesman for business division of the Kunming government stated.

Officials have also revealed that all the five stores pointed out have been selling genuine Apple products purchased from official stores in the country.

The stores in Kunming have faced ire of its customers who have lined up outside to demand proof that the products they have purchased are genuine along with global media trying to capture the images of the showroom.