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The Guardian Adapts Privacy Policy To Comply With New EU Law

Guardian News and Media has updated its privacy policy to accommodate the new European cookie law, to tell customers exactly how their data is being used by the paper.

Chris Elliott, the reader’s editor at the Guardian said in a blog post that the new EU privacy law, which requires businesses to ask users’ permission before using cookies, was the driving factor behind the privacy policy changes.

He explained that apart from telling users how their personal information is used, the new privacy policy also tells users how the Guardian uses the cookies and gives details of online behavioral advertising.

Some new changes have been introduced with the new privacy policy, but the underlying practice of asking users’ permission before using their information for marketing remains the same. The paper is in the process of sending email notifications about the new policy changes to its millions of users.

“Advertising can be a service to readers, and the revenue is a crucial part of the commercial model that enables the Guardian to produce its journalism. It is important to state frankly that we need to increase those revenues on the web – so a transparent privacy policy matters,” Elliot said.