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HTC Bids Farewell to Innovation Chief

Smartphone maker HTC has revealed that its innovation head Horace Luke has already resigned from his job in April this year citing personal problems.

Taipei, Taiwan-based smartphone maker HTC on Tuesday revealed that the chief of its innovation department Horace Luke has left the company due to personal reasons and the position currently remains vacant, informs the Wall Street Journal (opens in new tab).

"I don't think there's any impact, Luke led the innovation team but he was mostly in charge of co-ordination. He nurtured a culture of innovation at HTC and instilled a strong consumer design-focus among our employees.” the spokeswoman stated.

The company spokeswoman went on to add that while the post of chief innovation officer remains vacant, the vice president of design at HTC, Scott Croyle has taken over the responsibility for the time being.

Luke is the man behind great designs that HTC brought to the market. His vision to target users across the globe helped HTC to become the fifth largest Smartphone maker in the world. He joined HTC at the time when company was undergoing transition from a contract-based company to an international manufacturer.

"Horace nurtured a culture of innovation at HTC and instilled a strong consumer design focus among our employees, who continue to raise the bar in designing products that capture our customers' imagination", said HTC in a statement.

Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina

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