HTC Bliss Smartphone Targets Female Audience

Taiwanese manufacturer HTC is apparently looking to produce what looks like the first smartphone - the Bliss - aimed at a female audience, one that doesn't fall into the agreed stereotype that ladies' phones need to be pink or very simple to operate.

According to Pocketnow, which obtained a picture (or the device), the handset will come with a matching tabletop cradle which will show the smartphone at an angle and double as a classy stand that not only charges the phone but also offers a built-in speaker setup.

The handset will be sold in the US via Verizon Wireless though a UK appearance has yet to be confirmed. The Bliss should come with a number of accessories (which is where the money is meant to be made) with a colour-changing notification charm being one of the highlights of the product.

The picture on Pocketnow shows a cleanly designed handset running Android with HTC Sense UI, a rather thin bezel and a big screen (possibly a 3.8-inch one or a 4.3-inch model); previous pictures of handset casing have shown three yet-to-be identified apertures (one of them being an LED flash). The site also believes that the handset is going to be a mid-range model. The Bliss is expected to be followed by what Pocketnow describes as a "multi-coloured" HTC Glamor.