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Microsoft Office Issues On Mac OS X Lion

Windows maker Microsoft has informed Office for Mac users about some known issues with the new Mac OS X Lion.

On a Microsoft Support posting, Microsoft revealed that there were two main issues it had discovered while running Office on the new Apple operating system.

The first one was related to Communicator for Mac, which crashes when the users send an instant message or start an audio or visual call. The company said that it will be addressing the issue in an upcoming software update.

The second issue is that Office 2004 for Mac won’t be able to run on Lion as Apple has dropped support for Rosseta, which allowed Office 2004 to run on the latest chip architecture.

“The smaller Office issues are fairly minor or cosmetic, things like windows that might not align as they did in Snow Leopard, and we will continue to work together with Apple to fix these in our next regular updates,” the Office for Mac team at Microsoft said in a blog post.

“Office 2008 will also benefit from a couple of updates. While our first priority is Office 2011, we will fully test and take care of any significant issues on 2008 as well,” they added.

Any futher information and the latest news can be found on the Office for Mac knowledge base.