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Microsoft Prolongs Windows-Linux Partnership With Suse

Software giant Microsoft has partnered with Attachmate’s SUSE division to purchase and resell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server licenses worth $100 million over the next four years.

The purpose of the deal is to allow Microsoft to develop Windows interoperability tools for the Linux based server operating system.

The four year extension signed by Microsoft builds on a 2006 deal with Novell, which owned SUSE at that time.

As a part of the deal, the Windows Phone maker had decided to purchase and resell SUSE Linux Enterprise licenses worth $240 million. The company had renewed the deal in 2008 by pledging another $100 million.

Sandy Gupta, General Manager, Open Solutions Group at Microsoft, said in a blog post that enterprise customers had appreciated Microsoft interoperability tools for SUSE Linux and wanted the company to continue working on them.

“This extension of our agreement with SUSE comes at an appropriate time. Organizations today are transitioning to increased level IT automation in the form of Cloud infrastructure and assume multi-vendor solutions are integrated and operate smoothly, enabling them to deliver consistent interfaces and service level agreements to their end users,” Gupta wrote.