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Apple Getting Ready For iPhone 5 Release, Hiring Extra Employees

More and more signs are pointing to the upcoming release of Apple's newest gadget, the eagerly awaited iPhone 5.

While Apple has always kept things secret, we have our ways of figuring out what the company's moves are going to be. For instance, the day before Lion was released, there was an overnight shift planned in. And now some recent changes relating to the company's staffing point towards the release of another new product.

Several reports say that Apple is in the process of hiring new employees starting from now and until mid-September. The period coincides with the back-to-school period and in line with the company's annual tradition, it is a time for releasing new products.

Another clue is that former employees have been asked to return to their jobs in retail stores as part-time staff between August 15th and September 15th, to, allegedly, help with the back-to-school season.

Gathering all the rumors and information so far, it's getting clearer every day that Apple's iPhone will be launched this autumn, in September most likely. And a September release probably means an official announcement of the product late August.

With the iPhone 5 and iOS5 expected to be released in September, this autumn should prove to be a bumper period for Apple.

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