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Apple's iPad Is Outselling Android Tablets By Ratio Of 24:1

Following recently released financial reports by Apple and Google, a simple calculation shows a rather unsurprising fact: iPad sales are far ahead of Android tablet sales - by 24 times.

It is Daring Fireball' (opens in new tab)s John Gruber and TheNextWeb, who have worked out the maths to reveal the 24:1 margin. While we can't be sure about the accuracy of those values, the overall pattern can't be denied: only a small number of customers have decided to go with an Android tablet, instead choosing Apple's iPad.

Why is the iPad outselling Android tablets by so much? In the case of Android smartphones, customers bought, say, the Motorola Droid, only because, at the moment, there was no up-to-date iPhone to go with. And some Android smartphones have indeed proved to be fair competitors to Apple's iPhone.

However, when it comes to tablets, Android based devices don't seem to have taken off, especially with developers; and with so few developers creating content for the platform, consumers are reluctant to buy, which in turn is a put-off for developers - creating a vicious circle.

One reason that users might choose Android over the iPad would be a lower price, as a recent (opens in new tab) study reveals. At present however the iPad is more affordable than many of its android rivals; and considering China's production resources at present and the fact that Apple has already bought up a lot of the production capacity, there is less chance for Android tablets to go cheaper any time soon.

The tablet field, unlike the smartphone one, doesn't provide so many viable options to choose from. When it comes to performance, quality, design and apps, tablet makers can hardly compete with Apple's iPad.

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