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Apple To Merge Macbook Air & Macbook Pro Ranges?

Apple may apparently be looking to launch a 15-inch ultra thin Mac laptop by the end of the year, one which could be based on the current Macbook Air form factor and will almost certainly compete with the glut of Intel-based Ultrabook laptops that will come to the market by the end of the year.

Both TUAW and Macrumors have separately confirmed the existence of this new notebook, which like the current Macbook Air products should come without an optical drive and with an SSD rather than a classic hard disk drive.

TUAW also believes that Apple will be launching a 17-inch model alongside the 15-inch one and will sell the two products under the Macbook Pro range. The site also claims that both will be on sale by Christmas.

Now it would make sense for Apple to merge both the Macbook Air and the Macbook Range into one and have four models altogether to cover everything from an 11-inch type netbook to a 17-inch workstation.

It will also provide Apple with the perfect excuse to raise the price of the Macbook Pro a little bit more. However, we suspect that the bigger ultra slim Macbook Pro will need to have an external Thunderbolt-based station for enhanced connectivity plus a better dedicated graphics card.