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ARM Relishing Remarkable Sales Figures, Cautious over Future Trend

UK based Chip maker ARM Holdings Plc. announced that its revenue and profit for the second quarter of 2011 has increased remarkably.

The company bragged that its sales figure reached the £117.8 million milestone, a steady 18 percent rise from what it was exactly one year back. The luscious rise in sales figure has earned the company a hefty net profit of £54.2 million, almost 25 percent more than Q2 last year.

Adding more to the glory of the company, ARM also managed to sell 29 additional ARM licenses, 12 of which are for the Cortex M controller, 9 for the Cortex A series and two for the Cortex A15 designs.

Also, during the same quarter, near about 1.1 billion chips were shipped by the company, aimed at the mobile phone and tablet market as well as an additional 800 million chips, targeted at the consumer electronics market.

The chip giant is expecting a reduced growth in the coming quarter. But, after seeing this tremendous success achieved by the company, which in many ways is the eventual outcome of the recent boom in the Smartphone and Tablet market, it is pretty obvious that other chip giants such as Intel are also likely to try their luck in this ever expanding market.