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Dell Introduces OpenStack Cloud Solution

Computer vendor Dell has announced its cloud-based infrastructure product which is based on OpenStack, targeting businesses using both private and public clouds.

According to tech website ZDNet, Dell, one of the largest computer makers and marketers, launched its Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution on Tuesday; an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) product which is based on the OpenStack open-source cloud platform.

The company has also released a software program called Crowbar which will allow other organisations using cloud computing technology to deploy and manage their OpenStack components on Dell's servers. Crowbar has been built on Opscode’s Chef cloud automated configuration.

"I'm delighted to announce... that my team at Dell has opened the Crowbar source under the Apache 2 licence. This action is part of the broader Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution," the company’s senior architect for cloud solutions Rob Hirschfeld announced in an official blog post. He also added that the Crowbar tool comes in two versions, both open source and paid.

"Crowbar is intelligent enough to see something has changed, and it will adapt to that environment," director of cloud marketing at Dell, Joseph George stated.

Interestingly, the Crowbar roadmap includes support for Hadoop, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and network configuration.