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FBI Arrest 12 In Relation To Koch Industries Cyberattack

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has zeroed in on 12 people it thinks are behind the the cyber assault on websites related to Koch Industries, who are also thought to be linked to the hacking group Anonymous.

Koch Industries belongs to billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch who are also Republican benefactors, The Smoking Gun reveals.

The 12 FBI targets are related to the infamous hacktivist group, which had launched online attacks on several websites related to Koch Industries in September.

TSG has chanced upon a confidential FBI document which contains the names, addresses and IP information on 12 US citizens that are a target of the criminal investigation.

The suspects had allegedly launched distributed denial of service attacks on websites belonging to Koch Industries in February and March.

According to The Smoking Gun, the suspects zeroed in on by the FBI seem unlikely to have launched a DDoS attack. One of the suspects is an 83 year old grandmother from Florida while another is a 51-year-old woman from Iowa who is working as a project manager with an insurance firm.

The FBI reportedly got hold of the IP addresses of the suspects using a ‘firewall log’ provided by Koch Industries.