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GSA Adopts Google Cloud Platform, First US Government Agency

The General Services Administration has become the first US federal government agency to move to the cloud, after migrating 17,000 employees to the Google Apps for Government platform.

The GSA, which was assisted by IT services provider Unisys for the six month long migration, claimed that the project will cut its costs in half over the next five years by trimming equipment and staffing needs.

The agency, the first of 15 agencies that are moving to the cloud, moved to Google Apps for Government from IBM’s Lotus Notes platform.

Employees will be able to access emails, documents and chat with colleagues from any device, without having to log-in to the GSA network, which used to prove cumbersome. Google Apps for Government offers a two-factor authentication system for enhanced security.

"We congratulate GSA on achieving this milestone in the government's transition to cloud computing," said Ted Davies, president of Unisys Federal Systems.

"We are happy to have assisted GSA throughout this project, and look forward to assisting other government agencies interested in the savings and efficiencies that can be achieved by moving to the cloud," he added.

Unisys is now offering a new Google Apps for Government-based system called Collaborative Office Solutions, to help agencies migrate to email in the cloud.