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Has Lulzsec Spokesman Topiary Been Arrested?

One of the main spokespersons for Lulzsec and Anonymous, a hacker known only by his handle, Topiary, has apparently been arrested in the Shetland Islands earlier today.

The 19-year-old man was arrested as part of an operation led by officers from the Metropolitan Police Service's Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) and has been transported to a police station in Central London several hundreds of kilometers from his home.

As a note, Topiary deleted all the tweets on his Twitter account leaving only a solitary "you cannot arrest an idea" up there.

It is understood that the police are also searching a house in Lincolnshire in a related matter and are interviewing a 17-year-old boy under caution.

AnonymousIRC, the offficial Twitter channel of the merged Anonymous and Lulzsec entity has not yet been updated to comment on the event - at the time of writing - with the last tweet occurring more than one hour ago.

The Metropolitan Police issued a statement saying that the "pre-planned intelligence-led operation" was carried out as part of "an ongoing international investigation" that scrutinised the slew of cyber-attacks that hit international businesses and governmental agencies such as Sony, the CIA, FBI, US Senate, the Sun newspaper and many others.