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HTC Evo 3D Dropped By Vodafone

The LG Optimus 3D is likely to remain the only 3D smartphone on the market for a few more weeks after Vodafone revealed that it won't be selling the HTC Evo 3D after all, citing "delays" with its release.

The mobile phone operator told Techradar, "We've decided that due to delays to the launch of the device, we no longer plan to include the EVO 3D in our smartphone range, We will be contacting customers who have registered for updates about the device to make them aware of this decision shortly."

The HTC EVO 3D was expected to be released in the UK in July, and some online vendors like Play and Amazon have updated the product's page with the launch supposed to be happening in the first half of September.

The spokesperson for Vodafone also added, "We realise this will come as a disappointment to some people but we already offer some fantastic phones, like the HTC Sensation and Galaxy S2, with some really exciting handsets in the pipeline and we'll continue to focus on bringing the latest and greatest smartphones to Vodafone customers."

Samsung is another manufacturer also expected to jump on the 3D bandwagon with its own 3D smartphone which may well be a modified version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S2.