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Image Of iPhone 5 In Target Advertisement?

A new ad apparently from American retailer Target shows a rounded edge design iPhone that could be the iPhone 5. The image from the Target advert was sent via Twitter and so far there is no clue whether it is the work of a jokester or is a genuine leaked image of the Apple iPhone 5.

The iPhone in the image shares some resemblance to the iPhone 4, but it is somehow different, with a curved back and curved edges and a somewhat peculiar colour of the band.

We tend to believe the smartphone pictured (opens in new tab) probably isn't the much awaited iPhone 5, but rather an edited image of an iPhone. Probably someone in the Target art department was asked to make an advertisement for the retailer, and the smart jokester thought about playing with the image and also with our minds.

However, the advertisement does show an image of an iPhone-like handset that seems to line up with the rumours of how the iPhone 5 will look: a wider screen, rounded edges that seem to taper towards the bottom.

If it does turn out to be true, though, it wouldn't be a huge surprise. It would be another accidental (at least from Apple's side) outing of the new iPhone, just like when the iPhone 4 was found in a bar disguised as an iPhone 3GS.

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