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New Leaked Images Suggest Overhaul In iPhone 5 Design

A Chinese case manufacturer has leaked images of the design document for an iPhone 5 case, revealing major changes in Apple's latest iPhone. Soon after this image release, another manufacturer sent a mock-up of another iPhone case.

The two images (opens in new tab)are similar, and if they are also real, then the iPhone 5 will truly be a completely redesigned version.

The cases reveal an extension of the smartphone's screen, from 3.5 inches to 4, but the overall size has remained the same. The top and bottom bezel sizes have been reduced for the display to stretch from one edge to another. This could be linked to a patent filed by Apple, which suggested the extra space will be used for on-screen indicators and controls. In this case, the extended screen would provide space for such applications like 1080p video playback.

Judging by the form of the cases, it seems the iPhone 5 will have curved edges, much like the iPhone 3G. The back will probably be metal, and not glass as in the case of the iPhone 4, considering the latter's reported signal reception problems.

Firstly intended to be button-less, the iPhone 5 will replace the physical home button with a touch-sensitive oval area. The side buttons are now placed on the opposite side and the volume buttons are below the halfway point.

The iPhone 5's overall design, based on these images, seems to combine the best features from previous iPhones with new innovative ones, a major evolution in the iPhone concept.

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