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New Touchscreen Keyboard Adapts To User's Finger Size, IBM Patent

Typing on a touchscreen can be a cumbersome task, being generally pretty slow and more often than not fraught with typos. But all this is soon about to change.

IBM has patented some new technology that can reposition the keyboard keys based on a user’s typing style and size of the fingers. The patent filing by the company shows a keyboard with some keys placed higher or fatter than others. This "adapts the keyboard to the user's unique typing motion paths", the patent reads.

Users would first need to configure the keyboard according to their typing style and finger size. The intelligent technology will then reposition and re-size the keys in a manner which is most suitable for the users.

Changing the size of the keys based on the anatomy of the user will allow users to type even faster and more accurately, making the touchscreen typing experience much more convenient than before.

The technology is a bit similar to the keyboard algorithm used by Apple in the iPhone. The algorithm figures out which letter the user is going to type next and increases its surface area.

However, the size of the keys on the surface remain the same whereas with IBM’s technology it changes the actual size of the keys. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.