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OneNote App for iPhone Released, Free Download for Limited Time

Windows maker Microsoft Corporation has released the Microsoft OneNote application for the iPhone platform and users can download it for free from the App Store, but only for a limited period, the company has stated.

The app, according to the company, allows users to edit, manage, and even create notes by using Microsoft SkyDrive cloud technology. This means users can store their notes in the cloud, and can access them via an Internet connection whenever they want, irrespective of their physical location. Also, the notes will be accessible from both computers as well as the iPhone.

The new OneNote app will be sized somewhere around 3.8 MB and it is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. However, it can run on only those devices, which are powered by the iOS 4.2 or later. Also, you will require a Windows Live email account for taking advantage of this app.

Users can exploit the app for a variety of purposes other than just creating/editing plain texts. In fact, it’s more like Word which allows users to insert images, bullet points, checkboxes etc.

The software giant is yet to disclose the time till when it will be offering the product for free, and what will the price tag once the limited free-download period is over.