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Samsung Reaches New Milestone With 5 Million Galaxy S2 Sold

Samsung has announced that it has sold more than five million Galaxy S2 smartphones since the handset went on sale globally on the 29th of April; that figure excludes the all important US market where the handset has yet to be shipped.

The Galaxy S2 has gone on sale in more than 120 countries through more than 120 vendors; during the first half of May 2011, Samsung revealed that over three million handsets had been preordered globally.

This milestone has been reached in around 85 days and is half what Samsung expects to sell this year. In January 2011, the Korean company announced that it had sold more than 10 million Galaxy S since the handset was released in June 2011.

This means that the S2 is likely to be an even faster seller than its predecessor. According to Sammy Hub who first came across the info, Samsung is the market leader for smartphones in more than 10 European countries and managed to grab around 56 per cent of the market in South Korea.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the flagship handsets of a generation of super smartphones that includes the Motorola Atrix, the HTC Sensation and the LG Optimus 3D and 2X. It is also the most expensive of the five; the four other handsets costing around £450 with both the Sensation and the LG Optimus 2X available for under £400.