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Servers of Austrian TV Fee Collection Agency Hacked

A group of hackers have stolen data of 96,000 people from the website of Austria’s TV fee collection agency.

According to AFP, a group of Internet hackers breached the security of the official website of Austria’s state television fees collection agency and have managed to grab nearly 214,000 documents containing information from the server. The authorities have also revealed that out of all the files hacked, 96,000 files contain important and extremely sensitive data including bank account details.

The details reveal that the attack took place on Friday last week by a group that called itself "AustrAnon". However, by Monday the authorities have begun to inform the consumers about the data theft.

“We have already started to inform all the clients concerned personally and advise them to monitor especially closely all their bank account movements," the spokesperson of GIS TV license agency Herbert Denk stated. Denk also added that the federal security and counter-terrorism bureau (BVT) of the country have already begun an intensive investigation of the data breach.

AustrAnon is said to be the Austrian branch of the Anonymous group of hackers whose 16 members were arrested last week during the raids conducted by the FBI in the United States.