AMD Willing To Sacrifice Low-End GPU Business For The Sake Of Fusion

AMD boss Thomas Seifert has hinted that the the Fusion line of APU processors are so important to the future of the company that it will let its low-end discrete graphics business die if necessary.

Speaking to financial analysts recently, Siefert spent a long time talking up Fusion, describing the push towards 'accelerated processing units' with powerful in-built GPU capabilities as "the industry's biggest architectural change since the invention of the microprocessor," according to thinq_

The company's next-generation mainstream notebook GPU Trinity, which was unveiled at Computex Taipei earlier this year, is due next year and promises improved performance in just half the power envelope of the existing Llano chips meaning that Fusion is certainly looking strong for the company. That strength, however, could end up eating into the company's GPU-only wing, previously known as ATI.

"In the long run," Seifert told investors, "parts of this business will be cannibalised and the low-end discrete GPUs will be replaced with Fusion-type products."