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DeNA Comes to the West, Mobage Launched Worldwide

Japanese social gaming firm DeNA has launched its successful mobile social gaming platform Mobage for Android users across the globe.

The Tokyo, Japan-based social gaming company in collaboration with its subsidiary firm ngmoco on Wednesday released the English version of its super successful gaming platform Mobage on Google’s Android Operating System worldwide.

"Mobage's release outside of Japan marks the next step in our company's global expansion. The opportunity in front of us is to build Mobage into the definitive destination for games and entertainment across territories and mobile operating systems." executive officer at the parent company DeNA and the chief executive officer of the acquired firm Ngmoco Neil Young stated.

Mobage, the platform with a user base of around 30 million in Japan only is expected to hit big time with game lovers in other countries as well. The platform hosts famous gaming titles including Monster Hunter, Diary Mobile, Shenmue Town and Persona 3 Social.

The annual revenue generated by Dena by offering gaming titles to mobile phone users in Japan is around 1.3 billion. It purchased ngmoco for $400 million last year. Mobage will be released for both English and Chinese Android users.