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Facebook Bans Nude Album Cover, Nevermind

In what could be termed as a rather bizarre decision by Mark Zuckerberg and his team, Facebook *has banned the album cover of Nirvana’s legendary 1991 album Nevermind.

Nevermind, which was the second studio album of Nirvana, fronted by the “Grunge God” Kurt Cobain, still continues to be a smash hit amongst followers of the genre, and has sold over 30 million copies worldwide. The album cover in question, depicts a nude baby boy swimming towards a dollar note.

The album cover, which had far deeper meaning than may have escaped Facebook bosses’ eyes, became iconic amongst music fans worldwide. The baby boy who posed for the photograph, Spencer Elden, is in his early twenties today and apparently, he has no problem with the picture at all.

"Quite a few people in the world have seen my penis. So that's kinda cool," Elden jokingly says.

However, Facebook has had other ideas, it says the photograph of baby Elden (and his boyhood) violates the site’s terms of usage, and hence it has been necessary to ban the offending album cover.

"Facebook does not allow photos that attack an individual or group, or that contain nudity, drug use, violence or other violations of the Terms of Use," the company explained.

(ed: *latest update, Facebook has apparently now lifted the ban following the overwhelming public reaction of bemusement) monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.