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Google Dev Channel Unveils Chrome for Mac OS X Lion

Search engine giant Google is preparing a new version of Chrome web browser designed specifically for Apple’s newly released Mac OS X Lion operating system.

In a blog post, Google said that the Chrome Dev channel has been updated to version 14.0.835.0 for Mac and Linux and version 14.0.835.2 for Windows. As of now, Google has revealed that the PDF viewing is not functional but it would be fixed through an update later this week.

The new Chrome Dev channel version for Mac comes with two-finger gesture support for Lion and multi-profile user interface improvements.

The two finger gesture support will allow users to scroll through the browser’s history. The earlier versions of Chrome for Mac came with three finger support.

Apart from updating the Mac version for Lion, Google also updated all versions of the web browser with version of its V8 JavaScript engine and deployed WebSocket HyBi 10 handshake and framing.

Apple recently launched Mac OS X Lion on the Mac App Store, available for a $30 download. However, the operating system has some security issues that need to be addressed. Both Adobe and Microsoft have already listed some known issues that their users might face while running their software on Lion.