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Google Maps Adds London Public Transport Directions

Google Inc has added a new feature to its Google Maps service giving Londoners easier access to information about buses and the underground on their mobile phone or PC, including live timetables.

According to tech website Mashable, the Internet Search giant has added Information for Public Transit in London to its Google Maps, helping local users and travellers to easily plan their journey.

“We’ve worked hard over the past few years on this, and we’ve worked with TfL to get their bus and tube timetable information. We’ve done a lot of processing on it so we can know at any time when your next bus or tube is, wherever you are,” Ed Parsons, a technologist at Google in the United Kingdom, revealed.

The service which goes live for mobile phones running operating systems by Apple, Google’s Android and BlackBerry, allows users to get information from its ‘Get Directions’ feature. The service is based on GPS Navigation system and will offer both Bus and Tube details once the starting point as well as destination is provided.

Additionally, users of Android OS powered mobile phones will be given step by step directions along with alerts regarding the station and the time required for the user needs to get down to the station.