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iPhone 5 To Have Enhanced Facial Recognition, Tracking Mouth And Eyes

The soon to be released iOS 5 operating system is apparently hiding a secret feature. Apple's iOS 5 update, that will be accompanying the fifth generation iPhone, is going be capable of more advanced facial recognition, 9to5mac (opens in new tab)reports.

Apple has made some big investments in this new technology. Just last year, the company bought Polar Rose, a Swedish company that specializes in, as you have guessed, facial recognition algorithms. Different from other similar technologies, this one does not only track your face, but also scans particular features, such as eyes and mouth, as well.

Apparently, Apple won't be initially developing any specific application integrated with the new facial recognition software, but instead, third party app developers will be able to build applications based on the new technology.

The APIs found in iOS 5 would be able to determine mouth and eye position, based on the images provided by the device's camera.

We're not quite sure how an application based on facial recognition work and how will it find its use, but this software could allow app developers to come up with a wide variety of interesting apps for iPhone 5 users.

Maybe Apple will also incorporate elements of the Mac OS X Lion Photo Booth face detection feature into iOS.

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