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Is This Apple's White iPhone 4S?

Just when we were more certain than ever that Apple is soon going to release its fifth generation iPhone - a completely redesigned model, the tech giant who always likes to keep things secret, seems to be cooking up something very different to what we expected: an improved version of the iPhone 4, perhaps the iPhone 4S.

The highly surprising leaked images (opens in new tab), come just one day after we have seen what seemed to be case designs for the new iPhone 5. However, these latest images show a handset very much similar to the white version of the iPhone 4, but with a few different features in design and performance.

The source who provided these images is, allegedly, a "very reliable" one, and along with the photos some other hot information has also been revealed.

We can not certify whether these rumors are true or not, but this new handset seems to have a faster processor than the iPhone 4, and the front and back glass have apparently been replaced with two plastic sheets. Additionally, the upgraded iPhone 4 is said to be somewhat lighter.

If the rumors prove to be true, then maybe this iPhone is the so called iPhone 4S. Apple might be launching this version first, before the eagerly awaited release of the iPhone 5.

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