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Korea blames China for massive hack attack

South Korean authorities have blamed Chinese hackers for an attack on two social sites run by the country's state owned telecoms outfit.

Internet email service Nate and Facebook-alike, which are both operated by SK Telecom, were both attacked by the hackers who made off with subscriber names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other encrypted information according to the BBC.

The Korean Communications Commission revealed news of the attacks and pointed the finger in China's direction after it emerged that the perpetrators were using IP addresses within the People's Republic to carry out the intrusion.

South Korea has been the subject of a number of high-profile cybercrimes of late with financial institutions and major companies reporting malicious activity. South Korea normally blames North Korea for its Internet security shortcomings.

All of the usual hacktivist suspects are keeping quiet on this one so we're guessing its the work of criminal phishing gangs rather than attention-seeking Anti-Sec shenanigans.