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Memory Device Stolen From Police Officer's House

A memory stick containing sensitive data about a current investigation by Greater Manchester Police, has been stolen from the house of a Police officer in Oldham.

According to a BBC news report, the USB memory stick, which is believed not to be password protected or encrypted, was stolen from the house of a Police officer during a burglary on July 17th.

The department has suspended the officer for negligence and has transferred the case to the United Kingdom’s Independent Police Complaints Commission as well as the UK Information Commissioner.

"I want to reassure residents across Greater Manchester that we are taking this incredibly seriously and we are working hard to both identify who was responsible for the burglary and recover the stolen memory stick,” Garry Shewan, the assistant chief constable stated to the BBC.

Shewan also added that the burglary does not seem to have been a planned raid for the memory stick, as the thief entered the officer’s home from the back door and took his wallet along with his car.

Shewan stressed that a team of Police officers is working to recover the stick along with the other items that were stolen as soon as possible. The Police department has also appealed to anyone who may come across the red and orange memory stick if they happen to find it.