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Mercenary Facebook Scammers Use Amy Winehouse Death To Make Cash

Sick Facebook scammers are using the tragic death of soul singer Amy Winehouse to make a profit by posting links to non-existent videos of the singer.

Links purporting to be of the troubled star's final hours and even the actual moment of her death are showing up all over the popular social network site, but most lead to cash-grabbing surveys which earn money for the scammers.

The scammers prey on the car-crash mentality of the public and can theoretically scrape in large amounts of cash if their sickening campaigns gain traction within Facebook's viral infrastructure.

Microsoft and Apple have also been widely criticised for cashing in on the talented-yet-tragic singer's untimely demise according to thinq_

Microsoft has apologised for its Twitter campaign encouraging Zune users to 'remember Amy' by buying her latest album from the music service. Apple ran a similar campaign on its iTunes Music Store.