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New BlackBerry devices arriving next week

Research In Motion is holding a media event next week, surrounding the possible launch of new devices or even detailing their new operating system.

One Mobile Ring has been invited by RIM to a 'BlackBerry Media Event' next week, where it has been rumoured the yet-to-be-announced BlackBerry Storm 3 or BlackBerry Torch 2 could be released.

No details have been made public by Research In Motion as to what the press event might actually pertain to, but there have been many rumours of late to new devices arriving.

Research In Motion's Co-CEO recently stated in the company's annual meeting that seven new BlackBerry mobile phones will be launching over the next coming months, where next week's press event might be the start of these devices being rolled out.

The new handsets will be running the latest BlackBerry 7 OS platform, which has only been noted to be appearing in the BlackBerry Bold 9900 that’s due to arrive in September.

Two new BlackBerry's have reportedly been seen of late, where the Storm 3 and Torch 2 have been shown to the press as recently as this week.

One Mobile Ring expects the event next week might even relate to a more in-depth look at the update to the BlackBerry Bold handset, as it's due to arrive in the following months where we also believe a new Curve phone could be appearing soon too.

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