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Nintendo 3DS Price Cut Will Kill DSi & DS

The surprise announcement that Nintendo will significantly cut the price of its flagship gaming console, the 3DS, from $250 to $180 is going to have a massive impact on the sales of older portable Nintendo consoles like the DSi and DSi XL.

The device has only been out since March 2011 and will see its price fall by a third on the 12th of August in what some have called the fastest (and largest) post-launch price drop ever from a mainstream tech company.

The 3DS was originally introduced in the UK for £230 but quickly fell down to £169 at Amazon, a 27 per cent drop even without the cut on the 12th of August.

Sales of 3DS - as well as that of other Nintendo consoles - are expected to fall off a cliff from now until the official price drop in a few days.

One of the cheapest 3DS UK retailers, Amazon, sells it for £169, which means that the price of the 3DS could fall to as low as £118, less than the DSi XL and close to the DSi.

Nintendo says that it will give 20 free downloadable games from Nintendo's eShop to those who have already purchased the 3DS.

This could be worth a lot of dough given that most of them will be premium games (like Mario Kart and Metroid Fusion) and worth at least a tenner each on the open market.

Désiré Athow

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