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Noon News: Windows Phone Mango SDK 7.1 Released, Nude Album Cover Banned by Facebook, BBC iPlayer Unveiled

Russian authorities in the city of Chelyabinsk are spending large amounts of money to improve the online image of the city in search results from Google, Yandex and the like. According to the Telegraph, authorities of the city of Chelyabinsk are spending an amount equal to £8,000 to improve and enhance the online image and footprint of the city (which is famously known as one of the dirtiest cities in the country), so that when the city’s name is searched on web, users will get to read more positive reviews.

Microsoft Corporation has released a newer version of its Software development kit (SDK) for Mango to enable developers test its latest operating system. The software giant has released the refreshed version of its previous Beta 2 build, Windows Phone SDK 7.1 to developers for testing the new Windows Phone OS codenamed Mango, which reached the “Release to Manufacturing” (RTM) milestone earlier this week.

BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, announced the launch of its global iPlayer service with an iPad app being potentially the first of many to come to market. iPlayer will be available in 11 countries in Western Europe in what is described as a one-year trial, with three other countries, US, Canada and Australia, likely to follow towards the end of the year

In what could be termed as a rather bizarre decision by Mark Zuckerberg and his team, Facebook has banned the album cover of Nirvana’s legendary 1991 album Nevermind. Nevermind, which was the second studio album of Nirvana, fronted by the “Grunge God” Kurt Cobain, still continues to be a smash hit amongst followers of the genre, and has sold over 30 million copies worldwide.

Social networking giant Facebook unveiled a step by step guidance program on Tuesday with an eye to assist small businesses to use the site for their growth. The company calls the new webpage -, an “online education centre”, and brags that this new offering provides users detailed directions on issues such as setting up a profile page, creating target deals and ads, as well as interacting with customers online.

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