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Qualcomm Grabs GestureTek Assets In Mobile SoC Push

Mobile chip specialist Qualcomm has snapped up 'certain assets' from gesture recognition outfit GestureTek in a push to offer the most highly-integrated System on Chip (SoC) designs out there.

According to thinq_ the acquisition strengthens Qualcomm's pitch to the mobile market which has always been about tight integration of multiple technologies on a single slice of silicon.

"Integration is key to our perspective and our vision," Qualcomm's president of CDMA Technologies Europe said in an interview earlier this year. "A fully integrated platform enables our customers to reduce the power consumption, the number of components, and the form factor and size of their devices."

GestureTek is a company with over 25 years experience in gesture recognition for mobile devices and the integration of its IP into into the Snapdragon application processor line-up will allow OEMs to quickly add natural gesture recognition capabilities to their mobile and home entertainment devices.