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Taxpayers’ Money Getting Wasted on Overpriced IT Products

A report combined by MPs has claimed that the government is spending ‘obscene’ amounts of taxpayers’ money on IT.

The Public Administration Select Committee revealed in its report that some government departments have spent £3,500 on a single desktop PC, which can be purchased for as little as £200.

Some other examples of government pouring public money down the drain include paying copier paper for £73 when it can be purchased for £8.

The report said that the government was too reliant on a few large suppliers, wasting an ‘obscene’ amount of public money. The MPs found that in some cases, government departments paid 7 to 10 times more than the actual rate.

The PASC also claimed that the government’s record of developing and deploying IT systems was ‘appalling’.

“The lack of IT skills in government and over-reliance on contracting out is a fundamental problem which has been described as a 'recipe for rip-offs'. IT procurement has too often resulted in late, over-budget IT systems that are not fit for purpose,” the report read.

"Given the cuts that they are having to make in response to the fiscal deficit it is ridiculous that some departments spend an average of £3,500 on a desktop PC." it added.