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Three cuts tariff costs of free smartphones

Mobile phone network Three has made public it has reduced the tariff cost of a number of new handsets, where other mobile phone networks are carrying a charge for the same devices – such as the Samsung Galaxy Ace and HTC Desire S.

Three has cut the tariff prices to three of the top selling mobile phones, which are the Samsung Galaxy Ace, HTC Desire S and the Samsung Galaxy S.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace previously was on a £20 a month tariff, which was accompanied by 100 minutes, a 5,000 text message bundle and a 500MB data allowance – which is now priced at £15 a month; Orange and T-Mobile match the price plan in cost and details, but charge £99 and £110 for the handset.

HTC's Desire has been reduced to £22, from £25 a month with 100 minutes, a 5,000 text message allowance and a 500MB mobile broadband bundle – where T-Mobile and Orange are close in costs, but have a £150 cost attached for the phone.

The original Samsung Galaxy S also matches the same cost reduction and new price structure as the Desire S, along with the same minutes, text message and data allowance. The handset has no cost attached with Three, although O2 charges £104.99 and T-Mobile £135.

HTC's Sensation and Samsung's Galaxy S II are available on a £30 a month price and tariff match with the other networks, with 500 minutes, a 5,000 text message bundle and a 1GB data allowance – although the other carriers are charging between £75 and £150 for the devices.

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