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US Universities Pursue Gigabit Internet Project Gig.U

Twenty nine universities all across the US have joined forces with the view of introducing super fast gigabit Internet services in their campuses, as well as in the surrounding communities.

Apart from equipping college students with super fast internet connection, the project, dubbed Gig.U is also aimed at attracting new-generation start-ups to college communities, according to a New York Times report.

“These zones would ideally function as hubs for building a new generation of faster computer networks, which could make the United States more competitive internationally,” the New York Times reports.

Many leading schools from across the country including the likes of University of Florida, University of Michigan, Howard University, Duke University, George Mason University etc. will be participating in the project.

These Gig.U participants are still trying to figure out the best way to introduce gigabit networks to their respective communities. Upon being fully deployed, the new network will allow users to download high definition movies, sized around several gigabytes within a minute, which will undoubtedly require telecom companies to introduce some costly outlays.