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Virgin Media to offer cut-price Spotify subs

Virgin Media broadband subscribers could be getting a nice little bonus later this year in the shape of a cut-price subscription to mould-breaking music service Spotify.

The company's CEO Neil Berkett has said that Spotify (pronounced 'spodify' we are reliably informed) will be bundled with beardy Bransons's Broadband at 'a very low monthly subscription' according to Paid Content.

Although the music streaming service is available in a highly-hobbled free version for tight-fisted cheapskates, the company's Premium offering weighs in at a very reasonable ten quid a month for unlimited everything, including the ability to listen to million of tracks on your mobile, wherever you are.

Although Virgin is keeping mum on the exact figure, Berkett told market analysts that his company would offer Spotify for 'significantly less' than the current cost.

Virgin has been batting abortive deals to-and-fro with the music industry for a couple of years now and it's only since Spotify turned the way we listen to music on its head, and Big Music realised it's better to make a little bit of cash every time someone listens to a tune rather than watching the pirates run away with all the booty, that these kind of agreements have been possible.

Virgin says it wants to do the same thing with movies but moving film industry dinosaurs away from the status quo may take more than a few well-meaning Swedish hippies with a passion for music and a healthy disregard for outdated copyright laws.