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White paper promises 1,000 times faster Wi-Fi

A white paper published today by entrepreneur and inventor Steve Perlman suggests that future wireless networks could work at up to 1,000 times today's upper limits for data transmission.

Perlman's invention, distributed input distributed outdoor - or DIDO to its friends - allows every user on a wireless network to use its full capacity by eliminating interference between users sharing the same spectrum according to VentureBeat.

The technology currently transmits data at about ten times the limit determined by Shannon's Law, and could theoretically boost that to 1,000 times. Some have suggested that Perlman's theory breaks the laws of physics and would be impossible to implement, but he's sticking to his guns.

The white paper, which was co-authored by Antonio Forenza, will disclose more of he details when it is published later today, and suggest that deploying DIDO would be cheaper than conventional Wi-Fi infrastructure on top of the speed benefits.

It also claims that a 'virtually unlimited' number of users could stream HD video with no interference, dead zones or reduction in data rate over a range of several miles.

DIDO has very low latency making it a good fit for Perlman's other pet project, the Onlive cloud-based gaming system which offloads all the complex number crunching involved involved in modern games to a central data centre, allowing then played on thin client devices or suitably equipped TVs.