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AMNews: Amazon Tablets Coming Soon? Android Competitor Alibaba Mobile OS Unveiled, Nintendo 3DS Price Cuts

Sources in Taiwan are claiming that Amazon is looking at ordering around 2.4 million touch panels by the end of September in preparation for the launch of its tablets which should happen in the third quarter of the year. Digitimes' Yenting Chen writes that TFT-LCD panel maker Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) will supply the touch sensors and Wintek will provide with around three quarters of the touch panels.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has announced today that it will launch a new mobile operating system called the Aliyun OS together with a new Smartphone in partnership with K-Touch, the W700. The mobile operating system will be available later this year on other handsets and even tablets and looks set to become a rival to Google Android, HP WebOS and Apple iOS.

Met Police officials on Wednesday announced that they have arrested a 19 year old teenager as a suspected spokesman for the hackers group Lulz Security. But, that might not be the actual case. Earlier, the Central e-Crime Unit of the Metropolitan Police along with the Scotland Yard nabbed a teenage boy who is believed to be the spokesperson of infamous group of hackers responsible for conducting massive data breaches over last one month from Shetland Islands, a remote area in Scotland

The surprise announcement that Nintendo will significantly cut the price of its flagship gaming console, the 3DS, from $250 to $180 is going to have a massive impact on the sales of older portable Nintendo consoles like the DSi and DSi XL. The device has only been out since March 2011 and will see its price fall by a third on the 12th of August in what some have called the fastest (and largest) post-launch price drop ever from a mainstream tech company.

Understanding the cloud is vital for a successful enterprise mobile app strategy as businesses need to weigh up potential pitfalls against cost savings and flexibility. Over the last few years, there has been much discussion in the industry about the Cloud and whether or not businesses should be looking to an externally hosted solution or use dedicated internal servers to fulfil their data storage requirements.

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