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Apple has more cash than the US Government

With the USA's debt crisis and economic nightmare coming to a head today, maybe Barak Obama should head off to Cupertino and ask Steve Jobs for a loan.

Stock markets have been teetering all over the this morning as bankers fear the US defaulting on its loans could cause global instability as the dollar crashes.

But one interesting figure has come out of revelation that America can't afford to pay all of its bills this month. Apple has more liquid assets - cash to all intents and purposes, - than the entire US Government.

Steve Jobs and his Mac making outfit currently have $75.876 billion sitting in the bank gathering dust compared to the US Treasury Department which says it has an operating balance of $73.768 billion.

Looks like the USA has a couple of choices. Tell China the cheque is in the post, hide from the milkman when he comes to collect his cash, or hit Steve up for a loan... just until pay day mind.